you are my world…


thought that you never say that words.
thought that you never do that.
but you did.
and that way is too sweet, in my eyes.
cos every lil’ thing means a world to me.
means a world.
every single support you spell.
every hug you gave.
every smile that strengthen me.
every jokes that made smile when i sad.
and every day i saw you.
it was great.
still, you are my secret weapon.
my strength, and my sunshine.
you used to be my number one, my everything.
but i think someone had have that.
and now, you are my star. my favorite star.
you stay there, and shine.
shine for me. and the bright,
it looks good on you.
i can always see you, wherever i am.
and i will always love you…
and remember you…



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