i’ve missed you so much

for my source of happy, my source of energy, my source of my world. (you means a lot)

i walk down the crowded street,
nobody notice me.
but yeah, i like that anyway.
coz I’ve been thinking of you.
years and years has past away,
but you still alive in my every way.
i remember when i was sitting alone,
waiting for you to came out from your room.
that was boring, but i would do anything just to see you in a distance.
i remember when you made me cry,
you didn’t know, and i didn’t want you to know it.
i remember when i realize how much i love you.
and it was too much i think, too much.
i remember when i scream i hated you,
but deep down inside i still loving you.
if only things going so right that time,
this world would be ours.
if only i could write my own story, and it’s just for me and you.
i think we could make a great history.
i won’t say you’re nothing,
you’re every wish, you’re every dream, you’re every hope, you’re everything.
times and times you hurt me,
once again, you didn’t know it. and i didn’t want you to know it.
once i see you smiling, i can feel my wound ease off.
and i still remember how my body trembled,
when i said “i love you…”
and i remember you lost your words to answer my sentences.
and i was just stay like a statue.
i think i was wrong.
but no, i wasn’t wrong. because it’s meant a lot to me.
i was free, and i am free.
i let you flew, and i let myself flew too.
and now, i close my eyes.
and i remember you in every inches you are.
every silhouette, and every move.
this crowd make me feel so damn silent and so damn empty,
i don’t know why.
and i realize, I’ve missed you so much.
where are you?
because i miss you re energize me…


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