one fine day in Jakarta

i hate to write what i feel inside
and being so mellow
but i just try to explain my heart
that i keep for you
remember when you played that guitar?
that’s so dramatic,
so romantic.
that’s one night in Jakarta.
remember when you laugh with me?
i was just so fall in love,
like an oaf.
that’s one lovely sunny day in Jakarta
remember what songs we used to sing together?
i felt like in La La Land
so i could hug you bitter end.
and i remember one fine day in Jakarta.
when you tell me stupid joke
so we could laugh together
that day, is like the most colorful day in my life.
and i need you to know this
that i love you unconditionally
that i adore you without limit
that i miss you every night.
and i love rainy day in Jakarta
coz it’s remind me when you driving slowly
and we’ll just stay silent
enjoy the raindrops.
and i love when you being around Jakarta,
coz i hate being so far with you.
come back to Jakarta, baby, just come back
coz i miss you here, baby.


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