It’s Over and Done

i guess it’s over and done…

cos no more you at night
and you’ll never see me fall apart
no more tears on my pillow
and clearly no sorrow

although i was stuck
and it felt so suck!

it’s over and done…

I was dreaming in the past 3 years
Hoping that you’ll be my night star
But when I need you, you’re not appear
Just raising one deep scar

i’m sure it’s over and done…

now trust me when i say i’m fine
believe me that i’ll be ok
cos it’s time for me to shine
and help me, please don’t stay

it’s over…
and done.

cos i’m feeling so strong
and i’m sure i’m not wrong

it’s really over and done…

cos when i see you
i’m not trembling anymore
it’s just tasteless
my heart flat


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