some people are not meant to be in your life
no matter how much you want them to be.
i don’t want to leave you
but if i stay
there’s just tears and pain that you’ll find
because i’m not the one you need
i’m sorry for the tears that fell from your eyes
i’m sorry for the hole in your heart
i’m sorry cos i just can say sorry
it never easy to take a step backward
i think this broken heart will never love this much again
maybe you are my biggest mistake
but, i learn from them
there’s no vain in this world
everything happened for a reason
although i still don’t know how to let you go
but at least i could pretend that i could
but as much i love you
i have to say goodbye
i’m sorry because i know you would be happier if i let you go
i tell you that you have a right to mad at me
but you should know that i cry all the way home to tell you all this
it will never be the same again
so, i love you..


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