This Is How the Story Unfold

i remembered when i first saw him
but now time flies and days pass
left this feeling that’s so untrue
also feels so wrong
and don’t know where to go
we walked in abstract relation
can’t guess it anyway
you’re her
and i’m alone
wanting and waiting for you
but this is so false
i wish i could do it better
so you know that you are my desire
my only bright star
but things went wrong again
we’re still be separated
when i’m deeply don’t want to be parted
please tell me what’s feeling i have inside
cos i’m empty
and so desolate
when i was thinking of you
the flashback brought me tears
and once again
i wish you were here
watching over me
who is suffering because of you
for the umpteenth times
so you will know
this is how the story unfold

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