October 30

i got home
and felt so strange
i’m sad and mad
you’re not what i thought
i can’t really counted on you
what you are is not what you really are
i guessed i know nothing about you
yes, indeed i really love you
and in my eyes you were mine
but so many things went wrong
at least for me
seems you’re not going to fix anything
so i took a chance to make my first step
i don’t know if it true are false
but my heart said so
then i go
there’s no goodbye
there’s no see you later
what i know is
there’s a pain left inside me
i don’t care what people say
i don’t care what will you think about me
i just do what my heart said
and put aside my thought said
i marked my calender i have
that’s October 30
since that day
no more you in my days
i’m so sorry for this unreasonable thing
i’m sorry if you are dissapointed
and don’t ask me why
because i don’t even know what i was doing
i’m sorry


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