Let’s Living Life

live on it

let’s break
let’s jump
let’s shout
let’s dance
let’s dream
because we are young
nothing can stop us
running to the road
that will bring you nowhere
let’s sing
let’s back home late
let’s drink
let’s skipp class lil bit
life is a thing we should spend
without hesitancy
without regret
without desperation
let’s fall in love
let’s break someone heart
let’s gossiping
let’s traveling around the world
let’s swim out of island
love your life
and life will love you back
let’s hug stranger
let’s walk in the rain
let’s make mistake
let’s give inspiration
life’s sweet
life’s could be worst
life’s tough
life’s rough
but don’t give up
let’s smile
let’s cuddle
live your days like there’s no tomorrow
because life’s good


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