And I Thank You God

don’t let little things get you down. you’ve got so many big reasons to look up to God and say thank you…

God, I know life isn’t easy
I know enemies around me
I know as well that sooner or later
I will face obstacles in my days
God, people hurt me
God, fate isn’t fair I think
God, why I keep asking why
and God, tears kept falling down in my cheeks every night
I can’t bear it all
I can’t stands still
if You’re not with me, God
all I ever asking is please give strength
when I can’t even stand
please give smile
when I can’t even see
please give me more patient
when I can’t even think
and God…
I thank You that You gave me family
I thank You that You brought me wonderful friends
I thank You that You gave me lesson so I can learned
I thank You that You still guide me
and say “have a little faith, once more… just believe in Me.”
and I thank You, for give this heart as a hard corals
to through all the bad times in my life
thank you, God…


4 thoughts on “And I Thank You God

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