Distraction of My Life

i’m driving in the high way
no one is looking for me right now
guess i will be Miss Invisible forever
the one who will be watching you from a distance
with poems written all over my face
i’d go around the world meet so many people impress me
but no one could replace you being my favourite dream
the man who i can’t live without
though time crawling so fast
and dates change so swift
you still become who i want to meet in the morning
and be a guy who i really need to snuggle to be asleep
but i’m currently driving in my car
listening to stupid love song that makes me cry
and watching over an empty road that bring me home
a cup of coffee couldn’t calm my mind
just a thought of you that always blow it up
and bring all the imagine what if i’m in your warm embrace
whispering each other how much love we have
but once again, i’m all by myself right now
oh boy, you really distract my life
i’m turning off the light
and convince myself once again i could dancing alone


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