That Fragile Miss. Independent

i'm not crying

      she was very independent
      she did all things alone
      and go anywhere by herself
      but, small thing touched her heart
      apparently, she can’t do all things alone
      small thing touched her soul
      she needs something beautiful to approach
      cause she have to be treated like other girls
      she needs someone to hold her hand,
      when she can’t even reach
      she needs someone to make her smile,
      when she can’t find it anywhere else
      cause, she have too much dream,
      so that she can’t see where’s the reality
      too much quiteness and forlorn,
      so she can’t meet the real happiness
      too much waiting, so she can’t stands anymore
      and too much hope, so that she forgot what time is it
      can someone shows her the way to the end of the earth
      maybe she can find a thing called love there
      cause if her time has come, at least she has ever seen it
      even though she can’t feel it
      that would be enough for her, to answer all of her wonder

      if only i have someone here


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