The Old Hours

we uded to sit and share

i remembering all those happy days
when we were together happilly
we always got a time just to sit down
then talked and laughed for hours
forgetting what had happen for a while
even just sit in a silent and stared at you
didn’t make it any awkward situation
precisely, that just made a right feeling for me
watching you played that guitar
humming for a song
and when i closed my eyes, i felt standing in the cloud
you were the only one who can made me feel so fine
made me feel so great, whereas my world turns upside down
i can’t find anyone like you anywhere else
please come back to me
even though i know time flies away
could you please come home and bring back all the memories
my heart tear up apart, just to see you in a photograph
i miss that old times, i miss our hours
i miss those chairs and that guitar you played
i miss your humming voices that made that song just sweet
please come back, come back to me
come back to the times we had together
i can’t be lonely here and sit down


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