Forget You For Sure

and the times did their part, apparently
as i walked forward alone and found some new
then i got a chance to know one
which i thought really like you
but i guess i was wrong
he didn’t play melodies as good as you
at least, you were good in my eyes
he didn’t watch my favourite movies like you always did
and he wasn’t really heard me when i told him my favourite parts
he didn’t hold my shoulder when tears fall down on my cheek, just like you used to do
he was cynical when i dance with the music, whereas you always add some beat into it
and i watched him fall asleep when the movies end
that’s what i called pathetic
i’m out here with someone else but my mind always come to you
always missing you and try to find you
i guess i can’t accept that you were gone
and nothing in this world can bring you back
only a memories of you still remain
and even if there’s a pain in my chest
i still wish you the best
with a… forget you
yes, i should forget you for sure


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