just like that, my days will full of colours then i'll fly...

it’s not a short time
but we can’t call it a long time
nineteen years i was struggling with myself
tried hard to know who am i
pushed myself just to find what i really want
i’m a dreamer, a visionary girl
and i’m an easy going person
who live my life day by day
forget about yesterday, enjoy what today’s bring
and surrender what will happen in tomorrow
i’m God disciple, and grow in servanthood scope
i’m a best friend for my neighborhood
i’m an organizer. i’m good in organize people and event
moreover, i really like to do that
nineteen years
i found myself like the entertainment things
i love writing, i love producing, i love dreaming, i love songs and movies
i’m a girl who likes perfection
and still, i’m trying to understand myself
for my voyage has just begun
no mountain too high, and no river too deep
i will crawling, until my feet can walk
then i will run, until i’m strong enough to jump
and you will see me fly, fly high
changes here, and changes there
but i will remain still as a girl you know
an ordinary girl with a wish
a wish to live in smiles everyday
whatever life will bring
there’s nobody can stop me smiling
it’s not a really long time for me
because finally, the journey will start begin
begin at the day after twenty three


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