No One Comes to be My Remedy

good morning, loneliness

everyone around me say that they love me
but you know that it’s not what i mean
a man with a real love and open heart
someone who can bring me up high
and take me to the deepest life
he who can liven up all of my dreams
that’s all i need
cos i’m too tired of calling his name
too pathetic to imagine all of it
i’m just too embarrassed to admit it
i’ve been walking too far
and i always leave my window open
in case he’ll come in the rain
i watched many people around me
but they couldn’t replace my loneliness
i screamed all the pain
but no one comes to be my remedy
so i’ll just talk to my self
chill with my tears
play in an empty space i have
and i’m wishing love to come


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