I Know a Girl

i know a girl. she’s living day by day. every night she fell asleep with a faith that someday her dream will come true. and here she is, with another day to live alone. her smile is beautiful. but though she smiles, there is something just hiding, and she even can’t find a way to relate. every day, she just goes unnoticed, as the destiny and fate passes by. and she will always pretend to be busy, when inside she just wants to cry. and in the end, she will whisper into her deepest heart, hope someone care enough to hear. take a little look at the life of Miss Lonely. look a little harder that she’s just hungry for love that most people talking about. and please look a little closer and maybe then you will see why she waits for the day when love will find her. and when people celebrate their love, she’s just in her room, writing all over her wall with her deepest feeling inside. while people smile greeting their love, she’s just in her room, crying alone and no one hear and understand. and when everyone is fall in love, she’s just in her room, in the middle of the night, praying to God, asking when her time will come around.


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