Don’t Feel the Sparks, but…

remember that time? i was praying to God.

“God, if he is the one from You. i don’t care how, but i want to know him more and close to him. but, if he’s not the one, could you please get rid this feeling slowly?”

time flies. days change.
i don’t know but seems like God answer my prayer. and i don’t have idea whether i should be happy or sad.
but, i don’t feel the sparks anymore.

but still… i’m enjoying being around you.
love to be near with you. maybe i just like the idea of falling in love with you.
maybe i just like your warmth, your laugh, your friendliness, your well sociability…

but maybe, just maybe… i like the little tiny way you made my day.
you could tell me what others never told me before, you could treat me what others never treated me before,
because i feel different when you handle me well…

do you see it? God answer both of my prayer. He get rid slowly my feeling. but He also makes me closer to him.

i think i will take it slowly, expect nothing, and just take what i get.
i feel happier this way…

thank you, Lord…


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