“GIRL” by Aldy Saputra T

Who’s that girl..
taking the same train with me
just reading her books like a “nerds”
that doesn’t matter coz
GIrl im in love with you..

There you are..
Laughing in front of your friend
Coz you got “something” on your hair
That doesn’t matter coz
Girl im in love with you..

Your crooked smile just like a “cupid” arrowing my heart
They start to beating faster when you come around
I’ll be waiting just to have a little time with you
Coz girl you really know how to steal my heart..

Girl , how can you make me “feel” this way
The gaze of your eyes just make me melt
You make my whole day become so blue..

Girl, you’re just like a chocolate on my cake
Coz everytime with you im in love
I can’t resist to say this words
Will you be the girl by my side?

I know its not an easy question to answer
But this is just out of my control
Baby you should know
You make so deep “in love”..


so here’s an original song from a talented friend of mine. he’s my senior when i was in high school. he’s living in Melbourne currently. and somehow, i really so deep in love with his voice, his music, and his talent.

keep tuned in with him,

subscribe him on Youtube : aldysaputratunggala
follow him on twitter : aldysaputraT
add him as your friend on facebook : Aldy Saputra T
and keep updated with him on his blog : aldysaputratunggala-music.blogspot.com

so, i hope you enjoy the music like i always do… 😉


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