You got what i need
And you have what i’ve been dreaming of
You are all that i need
I’ve never felt this invincible

Can’t go on with this principle
I thought it’s oh so simple
To just make these feelings disappear

I’ve tried once, and i’ve tried twice
There’s no way i can make it through
There’s no point of another try
There’s nowhere i can be running to
And this time i won’t make myself a fool
Oh your amazing pull

They say it’s alright to give it a try
But for me it will always be dry
Didn’t mean to sound so desperate
But it’s logic and mind that collaborate

So, God tell me what to do
Should i keep going on
Or tell my feelings shoo
Or maybe just let it flow

*this is the complete version from the last post, i added some line to make it a good lyric cos my sister make the song for it.

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