dear love,

since i saw you, your smile always succeed bewitched my world. your laugh echoing in my mind. your words magically turned my darkest day into sun shine. and when i’m with you i knew i found my lost page. you completed my life with your thoughts, your advices, your jokes, your hugs, even with your simple wrinkled nose. love, you are my beginning and my end. i always know that you are my destiny. when you beside me, i feel like coming home. you are the best thing that ever happen to my life. you are the love that worth to wait, worth to fight. i’m gonna be all you need and no one could impede. so, love, i’ll be your wing, i’ll be your shoulder to cry on, together we will fight this life and make the world smile. and i thank God cos He gave me you.

i can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you cos you are my other half…

heart full of LOVE for you.


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