Listen To My Heart O God

God, let me try to tell You what I’m feeling inside. It’s a bit strange, it’s a bit abstract. But I’ll try my best to spit it out.
God, I’m afraid. I’m afraid of falling, of loving. Is there an easy way out for me?
Cos, God, I can’t move. I Stuck in reverse. What if I start all over again, and I fail again? What if I take a chance and never have it in return. God, You know what I’m feeling deep inside. My mind tell me to stay, but my heart is longing. Longing to feel, longing to be touched. I’ve been falling, too deep, and it was hurt. Really hurt. God, could You show me which way I have to take? Because I have no clue. Leave it all behind and take a new direction or take a sit and watch the world goes by without me. God, this is hard, this is not easy. My heart hurt, My heart can’t wait any longer. Please tell me what to do. Because I have no one but You. no one but You, God.

Thank you for listening me, God.
I hope You could understand and answer my prayer.


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