Happy Birthday SangKotakUsang

Happy new year from us with love!

Happy new year from us with love!

hi, all !

sorry for lack of posting. been uber busy these past view months. anyway, how are you guys? before it’s too late i wanna say HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL !

may in this new year we have a new hope, new spirit, new beginning and new us. i wish you all have a great year ahead. by the way, kemarin tanggal 24 Januari which is 3 years ago i started to blog. yes, this blog had it’s birthday yesterday!! and i wanna thank you to all my friend here. karena kalian blog ini bisa hidup dan terus hidup. terima kasih untuk komen-komen kalian yang membuat aku terus belajar, terima kasih untuk tetap mempercayai aku dan blog ini sebagai bacaan kalian. i’m not perfect, this blog either, but i’m happy to share all my thoughts and feelings here with you guys. hope this blog can inspire you more and hope you guys keep on reading… have a great day!

be merry, people!



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