Ini dari cinta untuk cinta.

Kepada cinta aku persembahkan tulus hati, lembut jiwa.

Kepada cinta aku tuliskan manisnya kata dan pahitnya rasa.

Kepada cinta aku tunjukan senyum dan kuperdengarkan tawa.

Kepada cinta aku teteskan air mata, mirisnya tiada tara.

Kepada cinta aku persembahkan seribu rasa.

Hi, readers! Thank you for visiting and keep updated. Enjoy my thoughts and inspirations here. And i really appreciate if you drop some comment or just push the LIKE button 🙂

I’m here not to IMPRESS, I’m here just to EXPRESS !

Be merry, people!


11 thoughts on “Pro-Love

  1. I really, really love this blog, and you know every day I always took my time to open sangkotakusang to know if there are new posts from you
    and you inspiring me.. 🙂

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